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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Gifts you should have given

I meant to get this list posted before Christmas, but I just got too busy. It may help you if you received cash or if you see one of these products on sale in the next week.

  • Mater Replicas Force FX Lightsaber -- This is the real deal. If you've ever known someone who wanted their own Lightsaber, just like Darth, this is the present for him or her. I bought one of these this year, and it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. ($99-$115.00)
  • Napoleon Dynamite talking action figure -- My brother has one of these in his kitchen. When he needs to make a decision, he just looks up at Napoleon (on top of the fridge) and says, "What would Napoleon say?" ($14.95)
  • Moon real estate -- You can actually buy real estate on the moon (since 1980, actually)! I'm buying some of this for my kids because, you know, they'll be living up there in 20 years. (Starting at just $29.99)
  • Monogrammed toilet paper -- I think having something like this in your bathroom shows that you're important. At the very least it's a good conversation piece. "I noticed the monogrammed TP in your bathroom. Did you get a raise?" ($17.95)
  • Twinkie-flavored lip balm -- The person who invented this one is really going after a niche mark. But that's how it all starts, baby. ($3.50)
  • Pooping reindeer -- I figured I needed to have just one of these gross-out gifts. (On sale now for only $2.49!)
  • 27 Piece Patriot Package -- Get this one for your Republican friends. They have the patriotic market cornered these days. (On sale for only $29.00!)


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