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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Drew walks

Last Monday, March 20, Drew learned how to walk. Every day since, he's getting better and better.

You realize how much we take walking for granted until you watch a baby try to walk. In many ways, human beings aren't really designed to walk at all. For starters, walking puts much more strain on the spinal column. But standing gives humans an advantage over just about every other animal: it frees up our hands.

Drew didn't learn to walk until he was 1 year, 13 days old. I think his brother, Cameron, learned to walk right around the same time. I actually expected Drew to walk much sooner, but he instead chose to become a "master crawler." People who saw him crawl couldn't believe how fast he was. (When we were in Hawaii last year, my recurring joke was pretending to wind him up and then put him on the ground.)

You can tell that Drew has gained confidence and independence since he started walking. It's part of that long process that will ultimately move him away from his parents and out of the house. Only 17 years to go.
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