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Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 2 at Lake Chelan

This morning Brenda ran into our next door neighbor in the hallway, "Oh, that was your baby screaming next door." Fortunately Brenda works with this woman.

Anyway, it was another challenging day with Drew. Since we have a room right on the water, Drew wants to run out to the water all the time. I chased him around for most of the morning. When he started screaming, I noticed I got the look from other people. I interpreted the look as "why don't you take that screaming baby inside so I can sunbathe in peace!" So I threw Drew in the backpack and we went shopping at Safeway across the street from Campbell's.

As I was shopping, an older woman came up to me and said, "Enjoy this time, because they'll be in college before you know it." In a lot of ways, I needed to hear that from someone. It was as if the woman hit me with a magical spell or something, because I had more energy.

Drew finally took a nap around 2:00 p.m. It was at this point that I realized the hotel room was a complete mess. It was so bad that I didn't want to let the maid in. Instead, I took some towels off their cart, and left the used ones outside the door. Before I could start on any cleaning, Drew woke up (after about 35 minutes).


In the evening, Brenda took Drew to the "Ice Cream Social," and Cam and I went to eat in the Pub. I ordered a shrimp salad and Cameron had the Chicken Dinos. Part of the Pub sits on an open skybridge, so you can look down on cars driving and people walking. Two staggering people looked up from the sidewalk and screamed to the two women sitting next to us, "Hey, how's it going!?" Next thing we knew, they were sitting in the restaurant, speaking in that special way that only people who have had too much to drink and wanted everyone else to know.

Almost as soon as they had sat down, the guy was told to put on a shirt; so he took one of his girlfriend's shirts (yes, she was wearing two for some reason). The woman, who was the drunker of the two, kept yelling at other people she knew in the restaurant.

Next, an employee was standing in front of them telling them they needed to leave. She said it had to do with their liquor license, and then said something like, "It's better that you're dealing with me than the bartender, because he wants to come out here and throw you out."

The woman stated arguing with her "friend," but the boyfriend convinced her that they needed to leave. I watched from the skybridge as the woman ran up the middle of the road yelling about something. I wondered if she'd make it to age 30.


After that entertaining dinner, I went to the atrium to see the band Brenda's work hired for the Ice Cream Social. They were actually quite good, playing songs all the way back to the 1950s. It's always interesting to see a drummer who sings lead vocals. I danced around with Drew; he didn't know what to think of the loud music and my dancing and started falling asleep.

What was really funny was a drunk guy who was standing almost toe-to-toe with the band. He had a cup in his hand and kept turning around and motioning for someone to join him on the dance floor. He finally walked off the dance floor and started bugging people to come out and dance. By the way people looked at him, I knew he was one of those party crashers.

A few of the older folks did finally step out on the floor, and one woman was shaking her stuff to "Brick House." The band was watching everything. She was dancing so hard, I guess she finally fell down or something, because people were helping her back to her seat. That's not a bad way to hurt yourself, if you think about it. "I was dancing so hard, I sprained my ankle!"

I took a sleeping Drew back to the room, but Brenda wasn't there--and I didn't have a room key. So I just sat out on a lounge chair and let him sleep against me. Brenda finally returned and took him inside. About 15 minutes later, Drew came running outside, his arms flailing around, as if to say, "I'm awake again and I'm ready to play!" Then he fell down in the grass.

I ended up staying up with Drew as everyone else slept. I had a conversation with him that went something like this: "Wow! A, E, O, UUUUUUUU. What sound does a dog make? Woof! Etc."


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