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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Manzanita, Oregon - Part 2

On Saturday, Brenda and I took the kids to Cannon Beach. We had tried to go out to a nice romantic breakfast, leaving the kids with Michelle and Youssef, but that wasn't in the cards.

We ate breakfast at Morris's Fireside Restaurant and took turns keeping Drew out of the fireplace. After that, we took turns visiting the shops in Cannon Beach.

I visited Cannon Beach Book Company, one of my favorite bookstores. I bought two books:

  • Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
  • A Death in Belmont by Sebastian Junger

I also visited the Ernst and Ernst gallery and looked at the William S. Phillips paintings. I really enjoy his paintings. I bought his new book Into the Sunlit Splendor. I also liked Simon Combes' work, which I hadn't seen before.

After that, we went back to Manzanita and just sat around for the rest of the day. The weather alternated between sun and rain all day, so we didn't even go down to the beach. I did play catch with Cam outside, which was fun.

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