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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Robosapian and his friends

Cameron got a Robosapian from Santa and a Roboraptor from his Uncle Erik. I probably spent more time playing with these two robots than Cameron did!

Robosapian is a robot that can speak, detect objects with his vision and other sensors, and can hear things. If he falls over, he can get up. We even figured out how to make him burp and fart (you can imagine how many times we did that). Supposedly he can bowl, but we haven't been able to get him to do this yet.

Roboraptor is Robosapian's evil counterpart. While you can control Roboraptor, he seems to do his best work when he's prowling around by himself. He likes to sniff at objects, and he'll even try to take a bite if he's in the wrong mood.

All I have to say is Robots for kids (and adults who act like kids) have come a long way. I remember when one of my friends got a robot for Christmas that you could program to drive around a room (one step forward, one step to the right, etc.), kind of like Roomba with less abilities. I can't imagine what we're going to see in the next 10 or 20 years. For all we know, we'll see dolls that can follow you around, dogs that don't need to be fed, and birds that don't peck at you.
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