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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wichita - coming soon to a theater near you

My brother has been keeping me up to date with his friend's Hollywood adventures, which have been getting more interesting. Scott Milam, one-time roommate of Erik's, wrote a Horror screenplay called "Wichita" that was not only bought by Weinstein Company (the brothers who created Miramax), but is currently getting set up for production. Anyone who been close to the Hollywood machine knows how quickly things can change for a movie on its way to production, but I'm impressed with Scott's abilities so far. I'm crossing my fingers for him.

The last time I saw Scott, he and Ken Harder were showing a bunch of us their recently-completed documentary "Big City Dick," about Seattle musician Richard Peterson. I was impressed with that film, too. It went on to win Slamdance, and got a celebrity-filled screening at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Here's the latest about "Wichita": Helmer's heading to 'Wichita': "Weinstein Co. genre arm Dimension Films
has acquired tyro scribe Scott Milam's script Wichita for Saw 2 helmer Darren
Lynn Bousman to direct."
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