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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Magically delicious

I've found that when the going gets tough with my boys, I can make everything better with cereal. I'm not talking about that whole-grain-no-sugar-good-for-you crap. I'm talking about sugar and bright colors and cereal characters and boxes with mazes and games on them.

For "Bachelor Week" I bought two boxes of "sugar" cereal:

The problem is I've probably eaten more of this cereal than the boys. In fact, my older son, Cameron, asked me why the Trix box was almost empty this morning. Drew calls cereal "candy" now.

Interesting note: A friend of mine told me that the characters' eyes on cereal boxes are always looking down. This is because they want kids to feel like the characters are looking at them from the supermarket shelves. Check it out for yourself.

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