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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sun Mountain - Day 3 (Saturday)

This was day 3 at Sun Mountain lodge in Winthrop, WA, 7/25/09. Read Day 2 here.

On this day, the boys and I slept in a little. Then we got up and went to breakfast at the lodge. I ended up getting a ham and cheese omelet, which I enjoyed much more than the Eggs Benedict.

After that, we found the kids we watched from the night before, because they wanted to finish watching "Ice Age: The Meltdown." Then it was time for swimming. With all the thunderstorms and the colder-than-usual weather, the pool was still chilly. But I made myself get in.

Cameron had acquired a new pool toy called "Toypedo," which looks like a German V-2 missile. You throw the Toypedo into the water it will glide underwater for 25 or 30 feet. You can also launch it from under the water. We played with the Toypedo for hours.

Later, Brenda joined us at the pool, as she was done with her conference. We sat and talked while the kids swam.

Russian diving team invades

At one point, three or four young women and a young man walked into the pool area. They were speaking Russian. The guy reminded me of the type of person you'd see in a Calvin Klein ad, and his swimming suit looked like boxer shorts. He talked constantly on his cell phone.

When it was time for him to go in the pool, he grabbed on to the ladder bars and did a handstand before flipping into the pool.

"What do you think? A nine-point-oh?" I said to Brenda.

She laughed. But then Ivan the Super Diver got out and started performing more complicated dives.

"I guess he's going to show everyone what not to do at the pool," Brenda said. (One important note: The deep end of this pool was only 5 feet deep.)

We both wondered if this group of people was even staying at the hotel.

A little while later, a thunderstorm loomed overhead. I knew they were going to shut down the pool as they had the day before, so we left. We never saw the Russian diving team again.

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