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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spock sings about The Hobbit: The strangest music video ever made

Watch first:

Yes, you just saw Leonard Nimoy sing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins."

According to Wikipedia:

The recording originally appeared on Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy, the second of Nimoy's albums on Dot Records... A year before the recording was commercially released, Nimoy lip-synched to the recording during a guest appearance on the July 28, 1967 episode of Malibu U, a short-lived variety television series.

Can you imagine the conversation that took place between Nimoy and his agent about this video?

Phone rings. Nimoy picks it up.

Nimoy: Hello?

Agent: Lenny, there's this new show called Malibu U where you can sing your new song about that elf guy, Bilbo.

Nimoy: Ummm... he's actually a Hobbit --

Agent: Yeah, that's what I said. A Hobbit. This is the perfect tie-in with your Spock character! Hobbits have Vulcan ears, too.

Nimoy: I have to wear my ears?

Agent: OK, you don't have to wear the ears.

Nimoy: This really isn't a good idea.

Agent: Look, what if we got a bunch of young girls? What if they were wearing Vulcan ears? We can have them dancing around, and you can just sit there singing your song.

Nimoy: Can I dance with the girls?

Agent: Sure, you can get up and dance. Jump around. Whatever you want! This will make Spock look like he's hip -- dancing around with girls.

Nimoy: I don't know...

A long pause.

Agent: I wasn't going to tell you this, but I heard Bill Shatner wants to do this show, too. But the producers, they told me they wanted you. They say that everyone wants Spock -- not Kirk. Do you want to disappoint your fans? 

Nimoy: Well, can we at least be cinematic? Maybe throw in an action scene in the middle where we see Bilbo doing battle?

Agent: Sure, we can throw that in. No problem. I'll write it into the contract. Done!

Nimoy: OK, I'm in. But I'm trusting your judgment on this one...

Agent: Lenny, this is the kind of thing that's going to make you a huge star. You'll be on TV and be a recording star, selling millions of albums. And in thirty or forty years, I bet people are going to be watching this video on their futuristic devices, like something you see on Star Trek. And I'm going to say, "See, I told you that was a good idea!"

Nimoy: Send over the details.

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