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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Pandemic 2020: Cancel everything

It’s week 3 of the great social distancing experiment for COVID-19. As predicted, things are getting progressively worse around the world and the US. Here’s the latest:
  • New York has become the center of the outbreak in the US. Cases are doubling every three days according to the governor of NY.
  • Spring Breakers in Florida didn’t heed the social distancing directive, so they shut sown the beaches and everything else.
  • Multiple states are in lockdown, including New York and California. Washington State is implementing a “Stay home, stay healthy” initiative, which is basically a lockdown rebranded. The governor didn’t issue this last Friday as many expected. 
  • The 2020 Olympics in Japan were postponed.
  • Trump has been having a briefing every day, which makes you realize how serious it is. Unfortunately, he’s getting bored with the situation and said he expects to get back to normal in a few weeks. After all, the economy is tanking, and that won’t help his re-election. Last week Trump admonished a reporter for asking what he would say to Americans who were scared? As many pointed out, this was the greatest softball question in the history of press conferences.
  • I’ve worked every day for the past 2 weeks. I thought my job was crazy before, but now I realize that wasn’t true. Fortunately, what I do has a direct impact on helping people during this time.
  • Cameron and Drew are now watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  • I got the special Xbox $1.00 Game Pass deal, which will allow everyone to get more games. Of course, we could just get out all he old discs, but that would be too easy.
I’ve been through a few difficult times in my life (Mt St Helens erupting, 9/11, H1N1 pandemic, Zika), but this is the first time it feels like a World War is going on around us. People are hunkered down, Ford is talking about making ventilators—just like how they made B-24s during WWII. 

I’m just hoping all this social distancing pays off in Washington and elsewhere. I think we’ll be stuck at home through a least April. 


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