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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Apocalypse Trump

It’s been nearly three weeks since the election, and still Trump hasn’t conceded. His legal challenges have all been thrown out, so now he’s trying to overturn state results by pressuring officials. His lawyer Giuliani is traveling around filing lawsuits, and giving press conferences that border on psychotic.

Rudy Giuliani melting under the lights


While I expected this of Trump, I didn’t think he’d be so blatantly authoritarian in his pursuits. The Republicans who have enabled him need to step up and put an end to this. Because this is extremely dangerous to our democracy—an attempted coup. And those who don’t take this seriously need to look at history, because this is how dictatorships start.

As if this isn’t stressful enough, COVID-19 is back. Big time. 250,000 deaths and more on the way. No Thanksgiving. No Christmas. No New Year’s celebrations. Except for the MAGA true believers.

But at least two vaccines look promising.
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