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Monday, November 09, 2020

Biden elected 46th President

We had the election last Tuesday, and as expected, it took a while to get the results. Republicans and Democrats alike were on edge, as poll workers counted votes, and TV networks didn’t know what to do. It came down to the swing states again: Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Nevada, and Arizona. Trump won Florida and Ohio; Biden won the rest. Georgia and North Carolina are still a toss up. But Biden has 279 Electoral votes vs. Trump’s 214. The election has been called.

 Except nobody told Trump. 
He’s contesting the results. The problem is his rhetoric about a “rigged” election is dangerous. People listen to the president—or at least 70 million Americans do. The peaceful transfer of power is dependent upon both parties agreeing with the results. But Trump can’t see himself as a loser, and has turned to litigation to air his conspiracy theories.

Meanwhile, Biden is acting as the president-elect, even if Trump continues to throw tantrums until he’s asked to leave. 

That Republicans continue to enable and normalize Trump’s behavior is what’s especially shocking. Things won’t get better until they stop indulging him in this sad game. 
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