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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Pandemic 2020: Snappy Dragon takeout

Tonight, we ordered takeout from the Chinese restaurant just up the street: Snappy Dragon. It’s been in the Maple Leaf neighborhood longer than we’ve lived here (23 years!). And in all that time, while we might have taken a few breaks from ordering in or out, it still remains a favorite.

Eating Snappy tonight was like visiting an old friend. Even if they didn’t seem to get the “1-star” heat rating for two dishes, I didn’t really care. Mouth on fire, I ate it anyway—dousing the blaze with two glasses of lemonade.

Speaking of fires, sometime in the early 2000s, Snappy Dragon almost burned down. We came back from a Thanksgiving break to discover that the area that contained Reckless Video, a coffee shop, and a Maple Leaf Bar and Grill was a smoldering heap. My next door neighbor, Pat, an ex-fireman, told me about how he tried to help put out that blaze—but because it was at the top of the hill, the water pressure was low, making it more of a challenge. Even so, they somehow managed to save Snappy Dragon.

Fortunately, both Reckless Video and Maple Leaf Bar and Grill found new buildings within a block or so of their old locations. And where the parking lot and Maple Leaf businesses once stood, there are now multiple condos. This has added more cars to the street—especially near Roosevelt.

I heard that fire was arson, though I never found out for sure. I just know that the sale of the land for condos made someone a lot of money.
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