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Thursday, April 02, 2020

Pandemic 2020: 1 million cases worldwide

The situation grows more serious in the US and the world. Unemployment claims skyrocketed to over 6 million. Trump has relented on his plan to open the country by Easter after seeing the best case scenario of deaths at 100k. Some states are still not in lockdown, and some people think this is all a hoax. In Seattle we’ve had days of hail and rain, adding to the apocalyptic tone. I haven’t taken a walk in over a week—and somehow feel ok about it.

However, there’s some good news to report:
  • Data shows social distancing is working in Washington and California.
  • 200k have recovered from the Covid19 virus worldwide.
  • Brenda learned to make hand soap with bars of soap and a food processor.
  • Brenda has been making some amazing food: Clam chowder, omelettes, and burgers. 
  • I had at least a day off last weekend.


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