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Thursday, June 23, 2022

COVID: June 23, 2022 - Quarantine

On Thursday, as I talked at a weekly counselor appointment, it became clear I'd already given up on trying to remain COVID free. Like a lot of people, I was rationalizing it as being like a cold. She reminded me that we still needed to treat it like a serious disease, especially given how the virus reacts with different people. 

The conversation brought me back to reality and the danger that still lurked. I knew there were people in this same situation who thought they were safe -- because they were vaccinated, young, or healthy -- people who were now dead. I was also reminded, as I was at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, of the summer of 1976, when I first felt the invisible danger of disease. I watched a nightly news report about an unknown disease rampaging at a Legionnaire's meeting in Philadelphia, and it sent me into a tailspin. ("We're all gonna die!" I think I remember telling my parents.)

I'd come a long way since my childhood, mostly being able to contain my anxiety and fear for the past two-and-a-half years, but still being worn down by the fatigue of a pandemic. I resigned myself to keep fighting. 

Drew and I tested again at 7:00 p.m., and we were still negative.

I called Cameron about a new strategy for our house -- one that would reduce the risk for Drew and me. Cameron and Faith could use the bathroom, but nothing else. We'd deliver their food to the top of the stairs. We'd all wear KN95 masks (the N95s were too uncomfortable). I also told them they'd need to sterilize the bathroom (light switches, toilet seat, flusher handle, sink, etc.) after every use. I thought this was a good compromise for having Faith stay with us, and I knew it would be helpful in the long run -- as I was sure Cameron would be positive soon.

With the new strategy established, I felt a wave confidence as I ordered paper plates, forks, Red Solo cups, and a bunch of other stuff on Amazon Fresh. Cameron and Faith would need supplies to eat and drink. I set the delivery for 10 p.m - 12:00 a.m. window again. 

As I was waiting, I wondered what else I could buy to reduce exposure while making Cameron and Faith more comfortable. Before long, I was adding a cheap microwave, toaster, and other assorted items to my cart. 

I knew I'd gone too far when I started looking at 32-inch 4K TVs to replace the 720p TV that I watched upstairs in the living room. I suppose I missed the Sony 65-inch OLED "home theater" downstairs -- a TV that Cameron and Faith were watching constantly now.


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