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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Trump acquitted in Impeachment trial #2

Though the outcome was never really in question, on Feb 13 Trump was acquitted by the Senate, 57 to 43, with seven Republicans joining the Democrats in his second impeachment trial. Trump celebrated in Florida by calling the whole thing a “witch hunt.” 

The Republican party is now split over whether to follow the ex-president as their leader. The seven who voted to convict are taking the biggest political hits, with many being censured in their respective states. I still don’t understand how anyone could support a president who tried to overturn an election with false accusations, and who ultimately lit the fire for an insurrection.

But if you look back at the win/lose politics and culture of fear that have infected Washington DC, it starts to make more sense. Trump’s sycophants somehow think the ex-president is the key to continued political victory. But even this isn’t a good enough reason, because of the clear and present danger Trump represents to our democracy. 

Trump will see this as an excuse to continue his politics of lies, corruption, and profiteering, although as a private citizen, his activities before and during his presidency will be open to more scrutiny.  

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