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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Insurrection at the Capitol

Today we saw something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime: Trump’s protestors, who were in WA DC for the electoral certification, decided to storm the Capitol. Thousands of people overwhelmed the Capitol police and broke into the building. Senators and congressional reps were evacuated. Protesters were shot, and at least four were killed. American carnage. 

It was a sad day in America, and much of the blame lies with Trump. He’s continued to foment conspiracy theories about a "rigged election," and has blatantly invited his followers to help him overturn the election. Of course, a measure of blame also goes to the Republicans who never fully checked him throughout his four years of chaos.

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In a display of unity and courage, Congress reconvened at 8:00 pm Eastern, taking a vote on the objection of Arizona’s votes by 11:30 pm. Many senators gave impassioned speeches—even the ones you wouldn’t have expected to—and the objection was voted down. 

They started certifying again, with more congressional challenges for Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada, but they didn’t have senators support anymore. Everything went along until Pennsylvania, which did have senator support. 

As far as I know, they’re once again debating in the house and senate.
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