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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Winners know when to concede

Trump’s inability to accept defeat in the 2020 election is a national embarrassment. It’s true that there’s an American ideal to keep fighting, but there’s a point when the battle is over. We’re way past that point now, and all the lies Trump and his team continue to tell are damaging to our democracy.

One trait that defines real leadership is the ability to accept defeat. And if you’re someone who has any experience, you’ve probably experienced more losses than wins. In the political arena, all you have to do is look at Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Al Gore—hell, even Richard Nixon. They all knew when it was time to concede, because it was about more than them or their campaigns. 

Someone like Trump doesn’t understand this, because he’s always lied, cheated, and bullied to get his way. And for the most part, it’s worked for him. Despite all the bankruptcies, not paying contractors, and paying off adult film stars for their silence, he became President of the United States. Someone forgot to tell him that a president is not a king.

Fortunately, even when we see the president trying to overturn an election without any proof, we see our system of checks and balances working correctly—we see people standing up election integrity. The rule of law is what separates the United States from authoritarian governments. It’s not about whether you’re a Republican or Democrat; when it comes to elections, we need to honor the will of the people. Especially when it doesn’t go your way.

I never expected Trump would be gracious in defeat, but I did expect him to show modicum of decency for the office. I still remember his victory speech in 2016, how there was an inkling of hope that he could be presidential. If only he could show a degree of maturity now, instead of riling up all the people who believe him because he’s the president.   
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