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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Enough of the false alarms

I just read that Trump is doubling down on his challenge to overturn the election. OK, this man has continued to yell “Fire!” to the entire country, where there are clearly no widespread conflagrations. There’s not even a wisp of smoke. Can you imagine someone repeatedly calling the fire department because they think there might be a fire nearby?

“If you people would just start looking around in basements and backyards, I’m sure you’d find some spark somewhere.”

After the second or third false alarm, the firefighters would be correct to question the president’s mental state. They’d be in their right to fine him for the false alarms, even though he’d sue them—because that’s what solves everything. 

Now we’re hearing about more of Trump’s desperate plans, like bringing in the military to run another election. It’s as if he’s calling fire stations outside his neighborhood to come in and investigate—because the local ones are incompetent. 

Someone is incompetent.

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