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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Simple truths and ideas in the age of misinformation

  1. Biden won the Electoral and Popular Vote for the 2020 Presidential Election.
  2. Anyone asking for the will of people to be overturned without evidence is not interested in democracy or the rule of law.
  3. Party leaders who don’t stand up to a lawless president are complicit in the erosion of democracy.
  4. We’ve reached a point where the flaws in the system have been exposed, and we can no longer rely on good intentions for presidents and other elected officials. What is expected must now be codified into law. 
  5. Candidates running for office must release all taxes and financial information and put all investments into a blind trust to avoid conflicts of interest. If they’d rather be in business instead of politics, then they shouldn’t run for office. 
  6. Lying is not the same as free speech and should carry legal consequences. Any elected official who deliberately spreads misinformation and is charged with doing so can be prosecuted—even the president.
  7. Running for office should require prerequisites. Presidential candidates should have at least four years of experience as an elected official at the federal or state level. 
  8. Citizens United and the dirty money it’s allowed into our system should be struck down.
  9. We should change the presidential election to a popular vote so all citizens have equal say.
  10. Pardons and commutations must go through a thorough review before being carried out to guard against conflict of interest. Pardons for friends, colleagues, loyalists, or anyone else with personal ties will not be permitted.
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