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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

American Carnage: One week later

It was a week ago that the nation saw one the worst attacks on our democracy. Here’s what’s happened since:


  • In a show of defiance to the thousands of domestic terrorists, on Jan 7 the joint session of Congress certified Biden and Harris’s electoral results.
  • Almost 100 protesters have been arrested, with many more to come. There are over 100,000 tips that have been sent to the FBI. It’s clear that many of the protesters didn’t think they’d face any consequences for their actions (or didn't care).
  • Five people have died, including two Capitol Police Officers.
  • Many have resigned from Trump’s administration, including two cabinet members.
  • Trump has finally conceded defeat in a scripted video message; he’s confirmed he will not attend Biden’s inauguration.
  • Twitter and Facebook have banned Trump.
  • The PGA has cut ties with Trump for an upcoming Masters tournament.
  • Today, Congress passed a resolution requesting VP Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump.
  • Nancy Pelosi will bring an article of impeachment to the House on Wednesday. At least three Republicans have said they will vote in favor of impeaching the president.
  • Trump still thinks he’s done nothing wrong.
  • The pandemic has gotten significantly worse since the holidays, and America is closing in on 400,000 deaths.
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