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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The President of China stops by my work

Today, the President of China decided to stop by my work on the east side of Seattle. It caused traffic nightmares for everyone. My brother couldn't even get out of his parking garage for 20 minutes. I often wonder why the rest of us need to suffer to make someone like President Hu feel important. I know there's security and all, but do they really need to mess up our evening commute?

Also, I never knew that Seattle had so many police. Everywhere you looked, you saw one. On every streetcorner, overpass, or clearning next to the freeway. They have to do this because of what the lunatics have done to leaders in the past.

You wonder why leaders like President Hu don't just get in an unmarked car to go to their destination. It sure would be a lot faster for him, and it wouldn't add to our traffic problems.
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