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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lake Chelan - Day 1

We drove to Lake Chelan today from Seattle, a 3-1/2 hour drive of mountains, forests, and finally rivers and lakes. Drew slept for about half the drive, and Cameron just looked out the window.

As we passed Wenatchee, I saw the purplish clouds hanging over the area we were driving to. And sure enough, we were soon driving through a storm -- the kind that prompts you to put the windshield wipers on "high."

Once we got to Campbell's at Lake Chelan, the rain stopped and was replaced by high winds. Brenda went to the lobby and checked us in, and Cameron and I unloaded the car (no small feat with the amount of bags we travel with). This trip had two purposes: business for Brenda, and vacation for the boys and me. And from the moment we arrived, Brenda was working.

We got another waterfront room, which is a mixed blessing. Once Drew sees that water, he wants outside. In the picture below, our room is where the red arrow is pointing:


When you walk out the sliding glass door and go a few steps, here's the view:


I took the boys to dinner in the upstairs cafe at Campbells, and because Brenda's had a meeting cancel she was able to join us. After that, Brenda had more work to do and I hung out with the kids in the room.

Of course later it took us until 11:00 or so to get Drew to sleep (he always does this when he takes a nap).


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