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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Photos from March 2013

Here are some pictures from the mad month of March, which includes three birthday celebrations (my Mom and Dad, and son Drew).

March 3: Drew's family birthday celebration at Cucina! Cucina! in Issaquah with his Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles, Aunts, brother, and parents


March 4: Drew's actual birthday: Here he's inspecting his Oreo birthday cake.


March 7: Drew and I spend the night at the Seattle Aquarium with his class. (You can imagine how much sleep I got.) Here, Drew poses the next morning.


March 16: Cameron and I go inside the Shuttle Trainer at the Museum of Flight (an amazing experience).


March 20: Brenda and I help Drew complete his Scooby Doo Pinewood Derby car. Even using a pre-made kit, this car took us hours!


March 21: Family Dance Night at Drew's school (we got the start time wrong and actually walked in right before Drew's class danced). Note Drew in the background. (Hey, at least we made it.)


March 21 (after Family Dance Night): Velveteen Lotharios perform at the High Dive.


March 23: Drew's friend Ansel's birthday party. We watched "Escape from Planet Earth." Lots of fun; lots of chaos.


March 27: A tour of Seattle Fire Station 31 with Drew's Cub Scout troop


March 28: Jazz concert at Cameron's middle school


March 29: Book signing event with Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert for Hellhole Awakening. (Yes, that's a Sandtrooper accompanying the two authors.)


March 30: Cameron practices on the V-drums.


March 30: Drew and his friend Max take part in the greatest Easter Egg hunt of all time.


March 30: Brenda makes the Greatest Chocolate Strawberries of All Time (these lasted all of a day).


March 31: We celebrate my Mom's 70th Birthday Party at Palisades. Here she's having some fun with her grandkids.



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