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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Books, Magazines, and Music - 1/22/2006


Rush: Chemistry : The Definitive Biography by Jon Collins -- So far (I'm on page 22), an intriguing book about the Canadian power trio. Well written and thoroughly researched. It's also interesting to note that Hugh Syme, the longtime Rush album artist, produced the cover for this book.

The Worlds Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets, various authors -- I have to admit that I bought this book after I saw an infomercial (the first time I've ever done this). I liked the idea of a bunch of "health secrets" in one book. The book is a good information source for health ideas; for anything in-depth, you'll need to dig into full-length books.


National Geographic -- Article about the science of love. Scientists are starting to understand what attracts people to each other and why people stay together.

Rolling Stone -- Article about Larry Wachowski's (The Matrix) obsession with high-class S&M.

Modern Drummer -- Interview with drum solo master Terry Bozzio.


Dave Matthews - Busted Stuff

Sting - Brand New Day

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