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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama becomes president

What an incredible day.

After eight years of George W. Bush and his failed policies, we finally have a new leader in the White House. And while this new leader has a huge task in front of him with the economic crisis, at least he recognizes the challenge. In his inaugural speech he said that things are bad. It's such a relief to have someone in the White House who's actually working on problems instead of trying to cover them up.

As I turned on my TV this morning to watch the celebration at the Capitol, I was awed by the sight of over a million people waiting for Obama. I knew it was going to be an historic day, but this was beyond words. As a nation, we had transcended something -- even beyond the first black man to be President of the United States; we'd come together to celebrate optimism and hope.

If that wasn't enough, Obama gave a stirring, deeply-felt inaugural address. I think this is a speech people will be talking about a hundred years from now.

So, let it begin. The first hundred days are the most important. Let's dig out of this hole.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama's top-secret phone

Update -- 2/2/09: According to Computerworld, President Obama has not divulged whether he's still using a BlackBerry. BlackBerry-gate continues.


According to CNET, President-elect Obama is switching from his beloved Blackberry to a General Dynamics-built, super-secure Sectera Edge. Oh, and it's running Windows Mobile (uh-oh -- here comes Blackberry-gate, just like Zunegate). Check this thing out.

Sectera Edge

Like what you see? Pick one up for only $3,350.

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