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Monday, April 18, 2011

Does your cat need its own toilet?

If you've been looking for the ultimate kitty commode, look no more. The CatGenie is a litterbox that cleans itself out and then flushes automatically. You'll never have to dig in a litterbox again!

Morris and CatGenie

You can buy this pet wonder starting at $269.00 (sale price) -- although it looks like it normally sells for $369.00.

My guess is the real money is made from the accessories and supplies. A cartridge, which lasts 4 months for one cat, costs $25.99. But, if that's too much, just remember the solution is "Made with same ingredients used by veterinarians to sterilize their exam and operating areas."

Then there's the "washable granules" that last 4-6 months for only $23.99. But you'll never need to buy kitty litter again:

The Washable Granules never need changing or replacement as they are washed, scrubbed, and sanitized at least once a day. However, you will need to add Granules because some will be lost as they may stick to solids or get kicked out of the Basin. Just keep the Basin filled to the safe-level line for optimum performance and for your cat�s comfort.

If you're wondering who invented this marvel, here's a blurb from the website: "Inspired by an idea from a relative, a rocket scientist, working with engineers, developed the self-flushing, self-washing CatGenie."

That's right... a rocket scientist.

CatGenie - The World's Only Self-Flushing, Self Washing Cat Box

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