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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Manzanita Day 2: Birds eye POV

Right before sunset, Drew, Brenda, and I took Drew's new DJI Mini 2 drone out for a test flight on the beach. Because you can't really fly drones anywhere in Seattle (except your backyard), this was a liberating (and spectacular) experience. There were times when we actually lost track of the drone in the sky. I'll let the photos do the talking here.

This shows the area where we're staying:

In this one, you can see Drew and me far below. I'm the guy waving in the middle of the photo.

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Manzanita Day 2: Nehalem

After taking it easy in the morning, Brenda and I took a nice short trip to Nehalem--about 10 minutes from where we're staying.

We had some of the best fish and chips in a while from Riverside Fish & Chips behind the main town.

And Brenda got chowder from another place next door:

All of the food was surprisingly good. Maybe it's about finally "eating out" after a year?

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Manzanita, Oregon

For the first time in over a year, we’re taking a vacation away from Seattle. Brenda, Drew, Cam, and his girlfriend Faith came down on Tuesday, and I arrived on Wednesday. Here’s the first sunset from our bedroom:

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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Vaccine shot #2

On May 13, I got my second Pfizer vaccine. Cameron and Drew got theirs on May 15. The whole family is vaccinated now.

On May 16, the CDC issued new (confusing) guidance that vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks. It’s somewhat confusing because only 30% of the US population is vaccinated, so we’re nowhere near herd immunity.  

Meanwhile, the situation in India (and a few other countries) continues to be extremely challenging. 

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