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Monday, July 04, 2022

COVID: Free and clear

After over a week and a half, as far as I know, we're now free and clear of COVID in our house. Just so I can remember this years from now, here's the timeline:

Wed, June 22: Faith (Cameron's girlfriend) loses her taste and smell and has cold-like symptoms. Later in the day, she tests positive for COVID-19. Cameron and Faith begin wearing masks everywhere. Drew and I wear them when they're upstairs.

Thurs, June 23: I put Cameron and Faith in "isolation." Drew and I are in "quarantine." Cam and Faith can only come upstairs to use the one bathroom in our house. Drew and I start wearing masks around each other. Drew and I test negative.

Friday, June 24: Cameron tests positive for COVID-19. Drew and I test negative again.

Saturday, June 25: Cameron feels pretty bad, getting a fever up to 104 F. Drew tests negative. (I don't bother to test on this day.) Faith is already feeling better.

Sunday, June 26: Cameron still has a fever, but feels somewhat better during the day. Faith is feeling fine.

Monday, June 27: Cameron's fever is nearly gone. 

Tuesday, June 28: We continue wearing masks in the house, even Drew and I (who are still negative).

Wed, June 29: Faith tests negative.

Thursday, June 30: Faith tests negative again.

Friday, July 1: Cameron tests negative. We end isolation. Cam and Faith come upstairs wearing masks for the first time in over a week.

Saturday, July 4: I take a final test, which is negative.

Sunday, July 3: Drew and I stop wearing masks around each other.

Monday, July 4: The entire house is mask-free.

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